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Adi Bachmann was born 1943 in Munich/Germany. His professional life he started as an well educated typographer and graphic designer; over a period of 35 years he served many publishing houses in Germany, Switzerland and Austria as a self employed book cover designer. Now he keeps himself busy as an artist (sculptures, assemblages, reliefs, objects etc.), as an author and gallery manager - and as an volunteer drawing teacher at the Yayasan Widia Guna in Bedulu.

After he sold his studio in January 2000, Adi spent the first six years of the new Millennium in Italy, Crete, East Germany and - all together over nine month - in Egypt. In March 2006 he moved to Bali, Indonesia. He is happily married to Komang Sarining from Kalibukbuk/Lovina (North Bali); since 2007 they live and work in Ubud. Since October 2007 he cares for "Adi's Gallery", Ubud.

Adi Bachmann exhibited his art in Reischach, Munich, Ferch, Schloss Puechau (Leipzig) - all in Germany, in Kamilari (Crete) and Kalibukbuk (Bali).

His exhibitions in Ubud since 2007: "Adi's Bali", "Adi's World", "The Hero's Journey" and "Adi's Spelling". In 2010 he will have a sculpture show in Ubud: "People et cetera".

"When my art becomes empty and meaningless, or when it becomes reducible to some pieces of decoration - than, please, throw that stuff into the little canal in front of my studio." Adi Bachmann