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“Normally Adi’s Gallery exhibits the work of contemporary Indonesian artists – a new show every two months. But in this year from May until July, Adi shows some of his own work. Why? Because as every other busy artist he produces more than he sales. This causes two problems: he is running out of store room and he is running out of money.

These are the reasons why Adi follows the thoughtful advice of his lovely Balinese wife Komang Sarining (“Where shall we put all that stuff to?!”) and exhibit more than 120 works of his own art, expecting to sell some of these pieces. These so called “pieces” is selected art, which Adi has created between 2000 to 2010. There are over painted frottages from Egypt included, reliefs and sculptures from Crete, witty objects made in Italy, pieces of art which are strongly influenced by his stay in Bali and in addition – 72 absolutely new artworks, named My Life in 40 x 40 cm. Yes, on these small formats of 40 by 40 centimeter a lot of action and liveliness happens, many ironic, thoughtful or witty ideas become presented and a firework of playfulness and creativity illuminates many of these little squares.

You might be amazed about the variety in style, material and techniques, 66 year old Adi is still loves to play with. It is worth to find the way to Adi’s Gallery; which actually is very easy: just look at the map inside this booklet. I bet you will enjoy your visit.”

‘Adinnale’ quotes the Italian word ‘Biennale’, which means every two years’. It is also used for ‘The Biennale’. The Biennale in Venice as an example, an event for visual art and cinema every two years.

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