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"Adi's Bali" shows 104 pieces of art, created in the years between 2006 and 2009. There are paintings, sculptures, assemblages, objects, reliefs and ready mades, which reflect the overwhelming or upsetting, but most of the times colorful, realities of the daily life in Bali.

Presenting the exhibition "Adi's Bali" in October 2007, the new art space "Adi's Gallery" became opened to the public.

Dr. Robert Randall from "ArtWords" wrote about the exhibition:

Throughout his artworks, whether they are paintings, expanded canvases, Adi exhibits an amazing ability to appropriate existing images, or select unusual items, and make something entirely new, and often humorous, out of them ...

You will be surprised to find what a sharp eye Adi has for identifying Balinese Pop Icons. Works such as ‘Hati-Hati’, ‘Gecko Arrangement’ and ‘Spicy?’ comment on, in turn, Banjar street signs, sarongs patterned with Balinese lizards, and fiery local condiments. Even the present fad of Balinese youth to dress in military camouflage is commented on in the constructed piece ‘Militaristic Dressing’. Perhaps it takes a fresh and unbiased new eye to recognize and reaffirm these local icons for us.

There is a lot to take in with Adi Bachmann’s exhibition ... There is a lot of wit to be found in his work. Put bluntly, Adi’s exhibition is a hell of a lot of fun.

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