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"I spent the winter period 2006/2007 in Egypt. I started to do some sketches and drawings. Back in Bali and after moved from Kalibukbuk to Ubud - I slowly started to work on single pieces of 'The Hero's Journey'. I asked Lucky, the painter, Made Alus, the woodcarver, and Gede Eka, the cement craftsman, to support me with their professional work. Finally I finished about 90 pieces of art. I had to become a curator and had to select 60 pieces I wanted to exhibit: because I was tired to be called 'the overkiller', a man who has to exhibit every thing (every shit) he produces.

Alright now - what is the story behind the 'Hero's Journey' story? It is a kind of a report
about a man and his way from his earlytwenties to a grownup guy - a guy, who is highly motivated and also driven by his nosiness and curiosity, by his sexual lust and by his desire to become successful in profession, as a friend, as a lover, as a husband and as a father; a guy who is able to pick up knowledge easily and make experiences her and there, and every where.

After this wild phase he reaches a more tranquil phase in life und becomes more open for changes; it's a time for transformation and for some powerful commitments: Peace and forgiveness become the important values in his life now."

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