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"With his sculpture, Adi successfully presents an entirely different approach to his work before. In his sculpture exhibition, 'People et cetera' at ARMA Museum & Resort, Adi provides a lot of ironic, thoughtful, and witty ideas. An attitude of playfulness and creativity illuminates many of his pieces.

The sculptures tha Agung Rai and Adi Bachmann placed in this harpark are made mainly from cement, and all of them are painted in bright and intense colors. While wandering through the park you will discover Adi's sculptures in front of a pond or near a small river which flows through the area. Sculptures can pop up beside a pool, between bushes, and behind some beautiful old trees.

Throughout the over 60 pieces Adi tackles a wide range of subject matter. Some of the more prominent pieces include'The Global Warming oinference 2020 in Ubud, Bali'. Evoking the image of the Christian Last Supper, thirteen life size figures represent the history of the known human civilization.The figures are place around a huge conference table. Instead of Jesus Christ, the figure of Sidharta Gautama Buddha dominates the scene. The sculpture symbolize many different cultures and times.

A lot of intriguing shapes are brought together in the odd looking installation 'The Artist's Nightmare'. Through a range of realistic and fantasy figures Adi makes some pertinent political points on subjects as varied as Bali's water, waste, traffic, and pollution problems. Adi also presents an amusing 'Bali Zoo': a Sneaking Lion, a Dog without a Wig, and a Bold Pegassus, strut across the landscape in a friendly, imaginative, and non-violent manner.

On a serious note, the work 'As Time Goes By' Adi is suggesting that we all look for safety, security, peace, love, and freedom, but, achieving these goals can often require a delicate balancing act, and, can often result in not what we actually want ...

"You will be delighted to discover and enjoy, Adi Bachmann's occasionally serious, but, always witty, surprising colorful sculptures and sculpture arrangements". ---Robert Randall, Artwords---

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