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"26 panels as digital prints show powerful pieces of contemporary art. Photos and graphicelements, drawings and paintings, signs and symbols are combined with typographical elements and informative texts. Following his own idea, that truth is a concept, sharpness an illusion and life a fragile affair, Adi explores the domain of possibilities and shows the whole of his art work or some of its details clear and easy to identify and easy to understand. Others he prefers to keep vague and indistinct. Also, some of his texts are informative and meaningful, and others you can't even read: there, messages become unclear and they stay in a way secret. He also likes to switch from German into English language, from his mother's ton tongue into the foreign one.

Adi's alphabet starts - almost naturally for an artist - with A for Art, followed by Bali, Corruption, Democracy, Environment, First Family, Genocide, Human Rights, Islam, Jakarta, Kalimantan, Military, Nepotism, Orang Utan, Police, Quakes, Resourses, Spirituality, Unemployment, Victim, Wealth, Xenophobia, Youth and Z for Zero.

This, of course, is a very individual selection; it is Adi's personal try to find an acceptable position for himself in the complexity of the nowadays world. Of course, these topics will have different meanings to every different viewer. Every one might find out for himself, what meaning they have for themself.

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