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‘Adi’s World’ is an enlargement on ‘Adi’s Bali’, and includes older pieces of art which Adi made in Germany, France, Italy, Egypt, Crete and Bali. The exhibition covers the time from 1962 to 2008, and it succeeds in ‘filling in the picture’ of Adi’s artistic background. In all of his art Adi exhibits an amazing ability to appropriate existing images or unusual items, and make something new out of them. This makes us reappraise the original material and question Adi’s very subtle aims. Is it homage or humorous criticism? Is Adi implying how banal the original material has become, and its necessity for revitalization? ...

‘Back from the USA’ is a collage of contemporary ‘Pop’ images, put together in an harmonious composition. ‘Worshipping the Black Pharaoh’ is a collection of unrela-ted found objects which havebeen combined to create a mysterious image. One of the more interesting of the ol-der works is a print of a poem by ‘Rainer Maria Rielke’, which Adi illustrated in 1962. It is delightful that Adi has included it, along with many other prints from that era, as they are a charming nostalgic trip back to the ‘swinging sixties’! ...

As usual, with Adi, there is a lot of wit to be found in his work. And, like its predecessor, the new exhibition, ‘Adi’s World’, is also a hell of a lot of fun.

Dr. Robert Randall, ArtWords

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